The high street is evolving to focus on delivering exceptional experiences for consumers; from workshops to personal styling, immersive experiences to shopping assistants. These experiences often make use of one of the major benefits of in-store shopping: human interaction. Interaction between customers, sales assistants, experts and managers promotes highly-personal experiences and helps consumers make informed choices, increasing sales and loyalty.

For online retailers, human interaction is far harder to achieve, but the value of delivering meaningful, personal experiences to shoppers will drive retention, conversions and revenue.

There are two ways to recreate the engaging personal shopping assistant/stylist in your online store.

  1. Allow your customers to chat with a human expert. This could be customer support over the phone or a messaging window/overlay. But, to really deliver a great experience where customers feel valued, consider using 1-way video calling with a service like GoInstore. With GoInstore, your customers can quickly talk to an expert, stylist or sales assistant, creating a highly-engaging, personal and compelling experience for the consumer.
  2. Port the proven in-person interaction to a digital, smart shopping assistant. This scalable solution does not rely on having your team available for your online customers. Instead, create a fully automated online shopping assistant based on the interactions customers would have with experts in-person. BOON can build bespoke, engaging experiences for your brand to bring the expertise of sales assistants, stylists or personal shoppers to your website and provide consumers with excellent personal product recommendations.

Whatever solution is right for you, bringing the in-store experience to online retail is more important than ever. It’s key for online-only retailers as much as it is for traditional high street and online businesses as customer experience and personalisation are vital for growth.