March Social Media Posts Tips & Ideas

Who’s ready for the ultimate month of the year? March is here, and that means it’s time to break out the picnic baskets and soak up the sun. This month has a perfect balance of warm days and chilly nights, with flowers blooming everywhere.

As we gear up for spring, let us help you stay on top of your social media game. In this article, we’re giving you some fire ideas for your March social media posts, but don’t let the thought of content planning put you off. In fact, we’ve compiled this social media schedule and March calendar idea to assist you in getting started and coming up with a month’s worth of entertaining material to share with your followers.

If you start preparing for the various holidays and days of observance at least a couple of months ahead of time, you can make sure that all your grand plans and goals are actually achievable.

When you’re at a loss for what to write about, these special days and holidays provide the perfect inspiration for original and entertaining content.

Create Your March Social Media Post Before Time

Creating social media posts isn’t child’s play. It requires time and seems like an endless task. But if you plan ahead and use a few time-saving tricks, you’ll find that making and scheduling enough content for a month is much easier than you think. So, let’s get started.

Use Templates

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Below you’ll find a variety of resources that can assist you in developing content for your various social media profiles in accordance with our March recommendations. Put together your designs and edits with the help of a template. Because of the time commitment involved in creating and editing, if you are not a designer, you should skip it.

Use a template that a designer has already created for you to simplify things instead! Get started right away customizing the template with just the text, photo, color, and fonts you need. Please don’t “over-edit” the template, as this will ruin the finer details of the design.

Well, there’s a hack to make the template look completely customized for your brand. Use the logo maker to create your logo and add it to your template. It’ll look like it’s part of your template.

If you’re looking for a free visuals & logo maker, be sure to check Logo Maker Shop for unique, memorable and high quality visuals.

And while we’re at it, why not make several different videos or images for social media if you’re going to put in the effort? The point here is that it is much simpler to create a batch of content in one sitting rather than individual videos or images at different times. If the program is running and the computer is on, you should keep working. It will help you save a lot of time

Create Short Videos for Social Media Posts

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Short videos like reels are booming in the social media world right now. This 1-minute video can have a huge impact on your March social media campaign. These videos are just long enough to grab our attention as we scroll through our feeds, but short enough that we don’t get bored.

Create Engaging & Relatable Posts

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Well, now our favorite March calendar idea is to make posts engaging. You can make posts that have quotes, humor, tips, and how-to videos to grab the attention of users.

So, are you ready to make your social media game stronger in the beautiful upcoming month of March? So hop on to dive into the details of this topic.

Social Media Posts Ideas for March

March is full of social media opportunities and holidays; here is a list of all of them. In 2023, keep an eye out for hashtags, programs, guidelines, and other resources that can help you create visual content. This article will be changed every year to include the new calendar and any content that has been made or found. Keep these March calendar ideas bookmarked for future reference.

  • March 1st – St David’s Day

St. David’s Day is the national holiday of Wales and a time to reflect on the life and legacy of the country’s patron saint. You can post a picture of daffodils and write “comes before the swallow dares,” a quote from Shakespeare, for daffodils.

  • March 2nd – Old Stuff Day

On March 2, the United States celebrates National Old Stuff Day by clearing out their attics, basements, and garages in the hopes of finding long-lost treasures and making more room for new ones. A day when it’s acceptable to share posts about the past, like those with the #ThrowBackThursday hashtag.

  • March 3rd – World Wildlife Day

Numerous companies promote World Wildlife Day on their social media channels. Posts about World Wildlife Day are the most common variety. On this day, people around the world are encouraged to consider the value of wildlife and take steps to safeguard it. Use wildlife GIFs for your social media posts or a free logo maker to make your post stand out.

  • March 4th – Employee Appreciation Day

It’s only fair to have an employee appreciation day if there’s already one for bosses. In 1995, a movement began encouraging companies to show appreciation for their employees by creating Employee Appreciation Day. Employee Appreciation Day social media posts like these can go a long way toward fostering a positive culture at your company, which in turn benefits the local community.

  • March 8th – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a March social media holiday you will want to attend, even if you’re already planning to post about Women’s History all month long. Help your business stand out on a day when people are likely to post about women’s achievements in honor of this holiday. Feature a rockstar female worker. Share a photo of a female team member and a caption praising her contributions to the company. Connect with a company run by women and split the social media success. Don’t forget to mark this date on your March calendar ideas.

  • March 9th – National Meatball Day

Surely meatballs were sent to earth from above, as early meatball recipes have been discovered in ancient Chinese, Arabic, and Roman texts. Common meat choices include beef, pork, and veal, but you can also use fish, vegetarian, or vegan alternatives. On March 9, we should all celebrate meatballs because that is National Meatball Day. Share meatball posts and videos on social media, especially if you’re a food brand.

  • March 14th – Pi Day

On March 14 of each year, your mathematically-inclined friends will unfailingly share a clever Pi Day social media post. It can be counted on just as much as the number itself. A lovely gesture would be to post one of these captions on social media in honor of Pi Day, but you could also celebrate by solving a challenging math problem, eating pizza, or making a sweet treat.

  • March 17th – St Patrick’s Day
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Create something entertaining with the video, GIF, or free logo maker in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Without a little bit of Irish luck, these social media ideas for the month of March just wouldn’t cut it!

  • March 20th – International Day of Happiness

Connecting with others and sharing information that makes people happy is at the heart of what social media is all about. This makes March 20, the International Day of Happiness, a great social media marketing opportunity. The International Day of Happiness, which began in 2012, is one of the more recent March celebrations. As the main goal of the day is to spread happiness, your business can join in the celebration by sharing some happy social media posts.

  • March 23rd – National Puppy Day

Nothing could be cuter than this for the March social media holidays. These March calendar ideas can be used in your social media posts about National Puppy Day to win the hearts of your followers. Post a picture of a cute puppy. Not much more needs to be said. Jokes aside, research has shown that the cuter the content, the happier the viewer. Adorable posts have been shown to generate more revenue than any other type of content. Don’t let this chance pass to increase your company’s popularity by sharing a cute puppy video or photo in your company’s online forum.

  • March 30th – National Doctor’s Day

After a hard year or so, today is a good time to thank the people who work in the medical field for all they do. Share your thoughts about doctors in your social media posts and show the world how much you appreciate doctors.

Now that you know the cool and engaging March calendar ideas, it’s time to schedule your posts for the entire month ahead.

  • Know exactly which social media platforms your customer is using. After you’ve made that choice, you’ll know what kind of scheduling software you need.
  • There are a lot of possibilities if you wish to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms.
  • Try out a few different options and see which one works best for you. Keep in mind that more is needed to plan and execute merely. Spend the time you’d have spent planning ahead interacting with your audience and responding to messages.

Keep in mind that your posts should be relevant to your brand and audience. These ideas can be used across various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.