Advice, insights and analysis for the online retail industry.

How to improve online product discovery

Learn how to help your online customers find the best products for them from a sea of options

Using Data Analysis for E-Commerce

How can data analysis reduce costs and increase revenue?

Hyper-personalisation: How retailers can create unique shopping experiences for their customers

Hyper-personalised shopping is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers. How can retailers effectively make it a core offering?

How retailers can make their businesses more sustainable

With the world in a climate crisis, how can retailers make their business more sustainable?

Is shopping addiction linked to personality type?

Certain personality types are linked to shopping addiction - in this post we explore the Big Five personality traits and whether they predispose you to a shopping addiction

How artificial intelligence has changed the way we shop

Artificial intelligence has allowed retailers to deliver better shopping experiences for customers

Why do I buy stuff I don't need?

Consumers now spend more than they ever have - but why do we buy more than we need to? How does the study of consumer psychology increase consumption?

Shopping after Covid-19: Our Predictions

In the final post of the series, we predict what retail will look like after the pandemic

Shopping after Covid-19: Will consumers ditch online shopping after the pandemic?

The second post of the series - we explore whether e-commerce will continue to thrive after the pandemic is over

Shopping after Covid-19: Shopping anxiety and how retailers can help their customers feel safe

The first post of the series, exploring what retailers can do to mitigate consumers' post-lockdown anxiety

The rise of social commerce: Are social media platforms turning into shopping apps?

Social media apps are utilising new technologies to created personalised shopping experiences for consumers within their apps

Using neuroscience to conduct customer research

How retailers can use brain imaging and eye tracking to conduct actionable customer research

BOON's e-commerce integration creates an engaging, interactive experience and selects personalised product recommendations for online shoppers. It delivers an increase in conversions of up to 300% and an increase in AOV of up to 250%.

Instead of collecting data through tracking over a shopper's multiple sessions, BOON's AI analyses each user's responses to a set of image-based questions to understand their desires and personality. This creates a highly engaging experience, with 96% of users completing all the questions once started.

The technology can be used as a smart personal shopping assistant or a super-powered gift-finder.

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