Advice, insights and analysis for the online retail industry.

Privacy Series - The impact to retail

How to protect data privacy and build consumer trust to build a competitive edge

Privacy Series - What is actually changing?

Why should I care? How does it effect me? Aren't sandboxes for children?

Privacy Series - Change is accelerating

Recent initiatives, scandals and stories show that privacy is an increasingly important issue. Retailers must take note to get ahead of the curve and earn consumers' trust.

The Future of eCommerce - What to expect in 2021

How to meet the expectations of consumers in a post-pandemic world

Replicating the In-Store Experience Online

How to move to online retail without sacrificing customer service and experience.

Christmas Gift Giving

How sending gifts this Christmas could be more important than we think and how online gift finders are making it easier than ever.

Privacy in e-commerce - The psychology

Why online privacy is so important for maintaining a sense of self

How to Bring the Personal Shopping Experience Online

How you can bring the in-store personal shopping experience or personal styling to your online store

Brands Are Going Direct-to-Consumers (D2C)

The retail sector is in the midst of a crisis but what receives less media attention is the impact this has on manufacturers

The Paradox of Choice and E-commerce: Limiting Choices to Increase Conversions

How to increase conversions and shopper satisfaction by reducing the decisions they have to make

Why do couples buy gifts?

A brief look at the possible purposes of gift-giving

Personality Traits and Compulsive Buying

The effects of the Big Five personality traits on compulsive buying behaviour

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Instead of collecting data through tracking over a shopper's multiple sessions, BOON's AI analyses each user's responses to a set of image-based questions to understand their desires and personality. This creates a highly engaging experience, with 96% of users completing all the questions once started.

The technology can be used as a smart personal shopping assistant or a super-powered gift-finder.

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