10 Examples Of Great Logos

Your logo is the face of your brand, i.e., the identity or an emblem that your prospects and customers will remember it by. 

Research shows that the human mind process images 60,000 times faster than text – so no matter how extensively you define your brand identity if you can’t summarize it into a logo, it won’t have an impact on your audiences. 

That explains why enterprises often spend millions of dollars to create logos that allow them to ensure excellent brand placement and brand recall.

So what exactly is a great logo? 

It can be challenging to create a logo that truly reflects the essence of your brand – it should have the following qualities: 

  • Relevance: The logo speaks to your audience by revealing the brand’s core values
  • Aesthetic appeal: It is visually attractive 
  • Simplicity: It is composed of few elements that work well together
  • Design cohesion: The colors and fonts resonate with the vibe of your brand

Wondering what a genuinely great logo looks like? Here are ten excellent examples:


Facebook Logo

The leading social media brand launched a new logo last year – the brand has used clear and visually-distinctive typography to create a logo for its business. 

Interestingly, enough Facebook the company now has a different logo than the Facebook app. This is meant to differentiate the overall business branding from that of a product. 

The brand has kept it simple while playing on the already existing color-schemes of its sub-brands, Instagram (red, yellow, light and dark brown, and hints of blue) and WhatsApp (green).

As for Facebook itself, the app continues to use the iconic blue and white as it continues to enjoy its already well-established brand placement and recall among users. 


Amazon Logo

The Amazon logo is a clear example of ‘Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.’

The current logo was used in 2000 for the first time – it depicts a smile with a yellow line that ends with an arrowhead. This ‘smile’ is situated under a black text-based sign that says ‘AMAZON’ using Officina Sans Bold typography. 

The smile denotes a happy buying experience from the start to the end. 

It can be seen on Amazon’s shipping boxes, where the sides are printed only with the smiling yellow arrow. This initiative communicates that the brand delivers ‘smiles to doors.’ 


PayPal Logo

As the world’s greatest digital payment company, PayPal needed to have a distinctive logo that their vendors and partners would easily display on their websites and stores. 

The brand communicates forwardness by using a bold font, which is accompanied by a modernized version of the P monogram.

PayPal’s logo communicates a human connection with the transparency in the P logo, while the italics convey its focus on honesty. Furthermore, PayPal has stuck to its blue-theme through several redesigns and updates, to keep brand recall high. 


Netflix Logo

This is another example of a logo design done right. The company wanted their logo to convey to the audiences that they can get a full cinema experience in the comfort of their homes. 

And the logo achieved that with a simple yet powerful color combo of red on a black background. It resembles upholstery in a cinema and viewers easily made the connection that they were about to get some quality on-screen entertainment. 


Airbnb Logo

One of the best logo designs today come from the lodging facility, AirBnB. Their logo is a combination of four different elements that reflect the business model – a face-like structure to showcase its interaction with people, a location sign to denote a destination, a heart to resonate the feeling of love, and the letter A for Airbnb.

Simple, effective and powerful, the Airbnb logo has helped the business carve out its niche more effectively. 


Disney Logo

No matter how old (or young) you maybe, you‘ll easily identify some feature of the Disney logo and it will speak volumes to you about the kind of childhood you’ve had. 

It beautifully embodies all the magic of Disneyland with the iconic princess castle – and it uses the classic Disney font that still looks fun and playful after all these years.

However, the true beauty of it comes alive in the animated form. Pixar animated the Disney logo and truly brought out the imaginative wonder that we’ve all known Disney for. 


Apple Logo

The logo represents ‘simplicity’ with its minimal design and ‘power’ by not using fonts or any typography.

This is a very courageous feat because the Apple logo was designed in the late 1970s, an era when typography was considered a core element of logo design.

The ‘bite’ remains an essential facet of the Apple logo, but apparently, it was initially added to ensure that the apple doesn’t look like a cherry!


Dell Logo

The blue and white color scheme in Dell’s logo is a definition of trustworthiness, intelligence, and confidence.

The brand used a tilted ‘E’ to communicate its desire to ‘turn the world on its ear’ which slowly became a core aspect of the design. 

The tailor-made typography, ‘Museo’ further adds authenticity to the logo while the blue ring denotes its footprint in the global market. 

There have been slight improvements and updates, but overall the Dell logo looks the same as it has over the years. 


Samsung Logo

Samsung got its name from a similar Korean word that means ‘trister’ or three stars. So, of course, it’s no surprise that the first-ever Samsung logo had three stars.

However, the company has come a long way since then and so has its logo. Nowadays, their logo includes strong typography of their brand name over a blue elliptical oval disc. 

Our design experts believe that the color is chosen to signify their commitment to reliability and service. Additionally, the way the first and last letters of the brand name touch the limits of the oval disc makes it seem like the company is willing to push boundaries.


AT&T Logo

The telephone company was founded in 1876 by the inventor of the telephone, Graham Bell himself.

So as expected, the logo has come a long way in almost 150 years. The current AT&T logo is as simplistic as they come – a simple globe followed by the letters AT&T. 

This logo is made transparent to showcase the company’s drive to move forward with clarity and vision, while the globe is three-dimensional to represent the ever-growing footprint of AT&T around the world. 

In Conclusion

And there you have it – some of the best logos from world leaders in business from across industries and niches. 

Your brand’s logo is a lot more than just good design; it is an integral aspect of your business.

 It is a way for you to communicate your core values while creating a visual identity that sets you apart from the rest, which is why it is best to spend considerable time and effort into creating your logo.